Bradford Takemusu-Iwama Aikido CluB

Aikido is a martial art based on the traditional teachings of styles of O'Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba. We teach "Takemusu Iwama" style Aikido to both juniors and seniors and are part of a wider organisation, The Takemusu Iwama Aikido Europe, with Sensei Tony Sargeant 6th Dan as head of the organisation. We train with and without weapons such as Ken , Jo, Bo and Tanto

The first class is free, so do not hesitate to visit us to see if you like the atmosphere and what we are teaching. We pride ourselves in being a family friendly club. We train hard but have plenty of fun along the way.

All Iwama Aikido dojos strive to keep to the original teachings as passed down from O'Sensei to Saito Sensei, less so the modern 'flowing' and stylistically beautiful Aikido more commonly seen today, but more as the 'Budo' (martial way) Aikido as the the founder intended.
That's not to say that Iwama style Aikido can not 'flow', in fact quite the opposite, as the Takemusu element of this Aikido is the personification of blending, flowing and controlling your attacker.

Takemusu-Iwama Aikido aims to preserve the Aikido released to the World early in the 1940s. We would like you to join us in this preservation challenge, maintaining what we consider to be O'Sensei's original dream, to make the world 'love', and preserve what is precious to us all, to be one with the planet without conflict and bring peace to humanity through Aikido, the way of harmony and spirit.

Art that embodies mind body and spirit truly holds all the elements of clarity and commitment towards one goal; knowing that if needed it will work, savings one's life and those of others. And there are those that, having seen films and demonstrations, don't think Aikido is 'real' martial art, which may be explained by changes that have occurred over many years and a possible dilution of the original martial intention.

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