Club Instructor Sensei Raj Soren - 1st Dan Aikikai

I enjoy teaching both juniors and seniors. It’s wonderful to see how enthusiastic children are especially when they learn ken and jo. It's great to see young minds develop and build confidence as well as grow as talented aikido students. The club takes students from the age 10 onwards. We are patient with the children and focus on fun as well as learning. I have over 35 years experience at teaching martial arts to children and adults . I am also a 5th Dan in Japanese Jiu Jitsu.

Associate instructors

Senesei Tony Sargeant 6th Dan -

Sensei Paul Lowing 5th Dan -

Sensei Alex Gent 2nd Dan -

Sensei Peter Hollings- 1st Kyu

Sensei Thomas Mangin - 1st Kyu